Greg on Gadgets, Girls, Games, and Ghetto Ish

Shit That Makes Me Laugh, Part 1

This will be the first part of a multi-part series of “Shit That Makes Me Laugh”. If you are easily offended, well first I have to ask, “What the fuck are you doing here? Have you met me? Weren’t you warned before coming here that this site is nothing but an exercise in unbridled hedonism and ignorance?” But this shit here, this makes me laugh.

No caption could do this justice...

This shit makes me laugh from somewhere deep inside my soul. Like, you don’t understand. Maybe its the audacity, maybe it’s thinking about the woman on the other end and her reaction, especially if she is white, because she REALLY wouldn’t know how to react to that. Whatever it is, this pic gives my stomachaches of laughter.

Gotta love country folks. Always good for a laugh, until they start voting. That’s how you end up with George W. Bush.

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