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White Boys Hate Their Balls

Now I’m not one for sweeping generalizations, but dammit someone will have to explain this ish to me:

White boys must hate their balls. Who in their right mind would WILLINGLY let another person hit them in the crotch? Now I understand (but I don’t) the sadness they must feel when their penis isn’t the King Kong of the land, especially when that last chick laughed when he dropped his pants and went back to that black guy who keeps cheating on her, but I’m saying: It’s not your penis’ fault, so why punish it so much?

It’s like they have never heard of cups. Maybe they are trying to ensure they are sterile so when that inevitable call from the Maury show comes from that one country chick you went to high school with and smashed with like 5 of your friends behind a barn that one time, you can rest assured that the kid isn’t yours. After all, you destroyed any hope of having kids by letting those same friends repeatedly strike your nuts with 8-balls.

You know, it makes me look at dudes who stand around holding the crotch all the time in a different light. Maybe that’s what these hood dudes are really afraid of the man doing: Locking them up in a cell while the guards throw random objects at their balls.

He forgot both his cups at home...

Maybe that’s the reason why when I am around more monochromatic company I want to hold my balls. It may be an instinct, a genetic remembering of past wrongs committed against the nuts of my ancestors, and seeing how they treat their own nuts. I mean, if you don’t respect your own balls to not let people hit you in them, how am I supposed to know you will respect mines?

Must have just come from a frat party...

So, white boys…stop hurting your balls…its not your fault that your balls are inadequate…just blame your mom for not going raw with that black dude she met at the grocery store when she was in college to “see what it felt like…” that might explain those dirty looks your mom gives your dad after all…

Your face after reading my nonsense...

One response

  1. joelitta ^_^

    HAHA this shit if fucking HILARIOUS, and very true!! quite luckily i happned to just that product you speak of> my mommy loved the chocolate menz!!

    October 30, 2010 at 7:09 am

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