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Pull My Cart

I was debating the other day about the value of whores with a female friend, who thought it was disreputable and “gross” of me to want to get some from a girl I had previously made fun of for being stupid and slutty. I used this analogy in my argument:

Let’s say you need a horse to pull your cart from point A to point B. Do you choose the strongest horse or the horse that works on a farm and therefore has a reputation of pulling carts regularly?

Farmer Joe gets his cart pulled on a daily basis.

She said that my logic was flawed since, according to her, they would be one and the same. I disagreed, stating that the stronger horse would require lots of effort to tame and break in before you could coerce it to pull your cart while the whorse (clever combination of whore and horse) would have been previously broken in, only requiring you to saddle up and steer. However, when the work of taming the strong horse finally paid off, it would do a better job of pulling the cart than the whorse.

Saddle up!

How do I figure the strong horse will do a better job? Well, if the taming/training is done right, the strong horse will appreciate the value of the task and accomplish it in a dignified manner, while the whore will treat pulling the cart as a regular activity.

Classy lady

My friend told me that while she disliked my logic, she understood and respected it. I ended the conversation with:

“Look, I have my whole life to look for a strong horse, but right now I just want to get my cart pulled to the watering hole.”


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