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Relaunch Bitches!

Aiight, so I haven’t blogged in like 7 weeks. I would love to chalk it up to something like sickness or a death in the family, but truth is, I got lazy. Well that and I was trying some new shit with my life that’s working out, dealing with my ex, watching the first 4 seasons of 30 Rock, shit like that. I’m back now though, and I want this site to be just as ridiculous as when I started, but with a twist.

Now I want people to ask me questions as well. Send them through my email at, ask  anonymously through my Tumblr at send them to me by pigeon, call me, shit, ask me in the frozen food section at the grocery store when I am trying to buy up all the corn dogs in the area, I don’t give a shit. Ask anything, tell me your problems, ask about me, I don’t care. Just ask. I will tell you what’s good, and what damn sure ain’t good.

With that said, happy new year and ummm…fuck.