Greg on Gadgets, Girls, Games, and Ghetto Ish

Who Writes This S–t???

Lead Writer

Gregorie Thomas

I’m a certified genius with a whole lot of things to say and dumb shit to get off my chest. You WILL be offended, you WILL be repulsed, you PROBABLY will hate me for one reason or another. If you think I’m great at the end of this, then I haven’t tried hard enough to piss you off, but I will succeed eventually. Also my hair is longer than your mom’s real hair, bet on it.

Contributing Writer


I am a 5’5” jew from a wealthy, liberal, and very stupid suburb of Chicago. I am very opinionated, and armed with an IQ greater than the sum of your immediate family’s ages, I am passing the lülz onto you, the reader. If you disagree with my views, kindly stick two thumbs up your ass as if to tell your colon “good work”. In the immortal words of Dave Chappelle: It’s a celebration. Enjoy, bitches.

One response

  1. joelitta ^_^

    YOOOOOOOO lol this is hot!!!

    October 30, 2010 at 7:05 am

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