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Rebecca Black- Harbinger of the Culturepocalypse

Now before you all roll your eyes at the sight of yet another unimportant member of the general public expressing rage toward an 8th grade girl who became famous singing about a certain day of the week I have come to dread, allow me to assure you, I’m better than the others. That being said, I’d like to take this time to break down the toxic, corrosive presence embodied in talentless teen Rebecca Black.

Oh, she'll be "kickin" all right

Referring to the title, I truly believe we may be facing the end of American popular culture as a whole. Now it’s not Black’s fault completely. Justin Bieber, Twilight, Soulja Boy and the last decade of Disney productions (namely Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers and other subhumans manufactured by the profit-and-youth-consuming legacy of Walt’s frozen head) did most of the leg work. Consider Rebecca Black the straw that broke the camel’s back. But instead of a camel, it’s my shreds of hope for humanity and instead of a straw, it’s a Rebecca Black sandwich with sparkly, auto-tuned camel shit for bread. You see, America’s standard of quality that media needs meet in order to achieve popularity has plummeted, making so people like Bieber and Black can have millions of plays on YouTube in a week and Michael Bay’s Transformers are taken seriously as works of cinema.

In other words, it seems as though to be enormously popular, a piece of media must be:

1) Completely devoid of balls. Disney creations and Rebecca Black are no-brainers for this criterion, while films like Hop and Diary of a Wimpy Kid and shows like iCarly and whatever’s on Cartoon Network nowadays (I can’t risk actually checking or i may slip into a blind, tv-destroying fury followed by a deep depression) might have slid under your sacklessness radar riding on the “kontent 4 kidz!!!” excuse. But even this children’s programming has fewer bpm (balls per minute) than their counterparts of yesteryear. Consider Hey Arnold. That show was real as all fuck- bunch of misfit kids in Brooklyn, some minority tensions, muggers, real shit. Now look what Nickelodeon’s become:


2) Superbly annoying. There’s just something about Rebecca Black and her culture-killing comrades that makes level-headed persons universally and unanimously want to slap both their individual shits and collective shit. It’s that voice that sounds like a frustrated cow trying desperately to untie her udders after a group of local boys decided to practice sailing knots on nearby cattle. It’s her utter (not intentional) inability to write lyrics beyond the scope of her archetypical pre-weekend experiences, the sequence in which days go, and the relatable societal concern of seat-based indecision. Meanwhile lyricists starve and get single digit playcounts on Soundcloud (speaking of which, I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell do not need lessons on the order of days from some chick who probably got her first period the week before recording that song.

Inability to choose a seat- latest updated symptom of autism?

That’s about all I can handle for now without developing a rage-induced ulcer, but I’ll be back with more rants and laments toward the current state of popular culture. Maybe I’ll make it a regular thing, who knows. Stay classy, fam (I’m allowed to say “fam”, right?).


P.S. I’d like to add that the ARK Music Factory is indeed a factory in every sense of the word, except that only white people work in it. Still, the label contains ghoulish incarnations of Upton Sinclair’s nightmares all the same.

Music Monday: March 28th, 2011

Jesse Boykins III | Prototype 3010, a short film from LightUp Film on Vimeo.

Look, I got a paper I have to write, so I’m just gonna drop this off here and tell you to enjoy. It’s a cover  of Andre 3K’s “Prototype” by Jesse Boykins III. It’s long, but soulful as hell, and the ending has a few surprises.

Also, I need my hair to get on that Jesse Boykins III status, for real.

Full featured post coming tomorrow.

EDIT: I found the mp3 out there for all of you, because I’m such a nice guy download by right-clicking and choose “Save As”.

Jesse Boykins III “Prototype 3010”

Arbitrary Phrases

Otherwise known as “More Cookie Cutter Rap by CRYM”. This verse is a satire of the various phrases used in rap that don’t actually mean anything and just serve as stock for simple similes. Enjoy, or don’t, it’s not like it took me any effort.

Arbitrary phrases rappers use to portray this

Lifestyle and make you get hype off the playlist

I’m on my grind like the bottom of a skateboard

Or some player in the club dancing with a fake whore

I get it in like Kobiyashi or a porn star

And you know I’m on point like thorns are

Sharper than a pencil about to take the ACT

So that means I’m the number two and all this paper waits for me

Shining like a thousand suns and it feels splendid

Chatting up Barbie not about to ask where Ken is

Skills tremendous, hip-hop looks horrendous

I’m taking crowns off like the dentist

I ate nine of your top ten like the number seven

The last real man alive but I am not legend

I’m the truth, keep it one hundred like a fucking century

This is number 21 so down a shot of Hennessey

I go harder than diamonds and at least twice as valuable

Trying to get jacked son like L, Samuel

World renouned like another person place or thing

I hear the bees buzzing but I can’t feel the sting

Following you backwards, didnt know that I could sing

You are just a court jester, come and entertain the king

So sick they quarantine me like a leper colony

So I made them the subject of this tragic comedy

It’s ironic, those who rap about the mafia are wack

I declare war on stars and strike the empire back

Not a freshman in this game, I reek of subsophomority

Iller than a whole hospital wing, call and orderly

You claim to be the shit, Ill stuff your body in a bedpan

And my IQ is higher than Method Man and Redman

Your flow is sweet and dry like a stale pack of raisins

Where would rap be without arbitrary phrases

Music Monday: Jose James Tribute Selections

Well since I missed last Music Monday, I decided to go with a super-long mix this week, and this week brings us Jose James, a jazz artist introduced to me , as usual, by @softjunebreeze (seriously though, she puts me on to almost everything I listen to nowadays). This mix is a zone-out classic. The songs on here range from love songs, to upbeat clean-the-kitchen joints, to joint joints. He does a lot of songs with other artists as well, with singing on pretty much all of them. Prepare to open up a jazz club in your ears people.

Tracklist and download link below.


01. Little Bird feat. José James – Jazzanova – Of All The Things
02. Autumn in New York – José James & Jef Neve – For all we know
03. Winterwind – José James – The Dreamer
04. I Don’t Know Why (I Just Do) feat. José James – Chico Hamilton – Twelve Tones of Love
05. My Favorite Thing– José James & Jef Neve – Facing East : The Music of John Coltrane (recorded live)
06. Equinox – José James – The Dreamer (recorded live at Paradiso, Amsterdam)
07. Love Conversation feat. Jordana de Lovely – José James – Blackmagic
08. Evidence of Existence – José James – Blackmagic
09. Night in Tunisia – Toshio Maatsura feat. José James – Blue Note Street
10. Promise In Love feat. José James – DJ Mitsu The Beats – A Word To The Wise
11. L.O.V.E.J.A.M. feat. José James – J.A.M. – Just Another Mind
12. Like Leaves in the Wind – Nicola Conte – Rituals
13. Ya Dig feat José James 1 – Timo Lassy – Timo Lassy
14. Jazzy Joint feat. José James – J.A.M. – Just A Maestro
15. All or Nothing at All feat. José James – Nicola Conte Jazz Combo – The Modern Soul of Nicola Conte
16. Moanin’ – José James – The Dreamer (recorded live at Paradiso, Amsterdam)
17. The Dreamer – José James – The Dreamer (recorded live at Paradiso, Amsterdam)
18. Awakening feat José James – Nicola Conte – Rituals
19. Lush Life – José James & Jef Neve – For all we know
20. Lazy Afternoon feat. José James – Chico Hamilton – Twelve Tones of Love
21. Lay You Down – José James – Blackmagic
22. Kings & Queens feat. José James – Yellowtail – Grand & Putnam
23. Electromagnetic feat. Ben Westbeech and TK Wonder – José James – Blackmagic (Japan)
24. José James Interview – Lexis – MIMS
25. Visions of Violet – José James – Park bench people EP
26. Gimme Somethin’ True feat. José James – Basement Jaxx – Scars

right-click to download here

Music Monday: Stalley – Intelligent Trunk Music

Shoutout to @softjunebreeze for putting me on to Stalley, from Brooklyn by way of Ohio. He’s like Curren$y, except for more cars and no weed. His production is outstanding, especially on SLAP and 330. Definitely a download for real, and you can’t beat $free.99 so, get it. We could def use more support for artists that aren’t crappy.

Download Link

Bandcamp Page

Music Monday: Roy Ayers Edition

This is a Roy Ayers mixtape of the highest order. Me describing it wouldn’t do it justice, so I’m just going to give you the tracklist and the download link, so right-click to download.

Roy Ayers Tracklist

1. We Live In Brooklyn
2. Pretty Brown Skin
3. Red Black & Green
4. Giving Love
5. Show Us A Feeling
6. Everytime I See You
7. Love Fantasy
8. The Boogie Back
9. Life Is Just A Moment Part 1
10. Running Away
11. Heat Of The Beat
12. Don’t Stop That Feeling
13. Fire Up The Funk
14. I Wanna Feel It (I Wanna Dance)
15. Everybody
16. Searching
17. Ooh
18. Slow Motion
19. Love Is Love
20. Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Download Link

Music Monday: Flying Lotus Music Video (Sorta NSFW) and 757 Mixtape

Welp, softjunebreeze poisoned my mind with this video last night, so I feel its only right to share it with the rest of the populace. It’s directed by Eric from Tim and Eric Awesome Show that used to come on Adult Swim, so you can just imagine the fuckery that is going to happen in this video. Actually, you can’t. You really can’t.

Enjoy fuckers.

Maiya Presents…757

Also download this 757 mixtape, bring you the best of the 757 in Virginia, like Missy, the Neptunes, Aaliyah, Timbaland, and others. It goes hard. I’ve been bumping this all damn day. Link and direct download after the back cover.

Direct Download

Blind I For The Kids Website

Happy Monday!

Get it!

Music Monday: Valentine’s Day Mixes

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Have a great evening all the main chicks and to all the side chicks that celebrated last night with a box of chocolates, a rose, and some half-way decent dick (gotta save up energy for his main chick tonight), you might want to rethink that log, and better luck next year. For all those celebrating and those who aren’t but love a good mix, here are a couple to get you in the mood or just clean your house to.

This one is brought to you by @softjunebreeze on Twitter. It’s called Earsex. It goes pretty hard, I must say.

Download this one here, and the tracklist is here.

Then of course, there is mines. Lot of jazz, old school, and new school, melded in a way to get your engines going. It’s an iTunes playlist so make sure you import it. It will say Valentines Day, and of course I put the incorrect year in Spanish trying to be fancy and shit. It says 2008. Clearly I’m wrong.

Download here.


Summertime Mixtape: DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie

Now I know those warm days seem pretty damn far off for most of us, especially those of us in the Midwest after getting sacked with that big ass blizzard not too long ago, but don’t worry, because warm weather will be here sooner than later. Until then, get yourself in that mindset with this Mick Boogie and DJ Jazzy Jeff summertime mixtape. If you have ever been to a hood cookout or barbeque during the summer, or just hung around black folks over 35 in your life during any part of the summer, you have heard at least 60% of these songs. The mixing is good, with just one glaring moment in this little over an hour mixtape that threw me out of the groove. Besides that, I give this mixtape an A-.

Link and tracklist below.

Download here

I’m Back: Music Monday Time!

Alright I had to dip for a bit due to health concerns and whatnot, but I’m back. Now being gone, I have decided to switch up Music Monday a bit. Everyone likes to do it and put up their favorite song at the time. Nah, d–n that. I’m here solely to mess with you, and that I shall. So here’s my choice for MM.


Did you watch it? Good, I hope you did. Now this s–t will be stuck in your head for at least 24 hours, and good luck getting it out. You ever wonder why this song

got stuck in your head easily? Same d–n beat.


But seriously, someone explain to me the Gypsy Woman video. Only about 10 seconds of the video has anything to do with the song. Why are the two dudes with dreadlocks even dancing? The song is about a homeless woman. That’s nothing to dance about. Except for the time I made a homeless dude dance to B2K for a dollar, but that’s a separate story.

Then the floating hands? WTF? That song is ridiculous. Know why it was popular? It wasn’t the video, unless everyone was high. It was that catchy a– beat.Now you are cursed with it running through your head at random moments.


You are welcome.

Music Mondays

You know, I was talking to a woman, and she says I come off as some type of neo-soul renaissance man. I thought about it, and I think it may have to deal with the music I listen to. So here, today, I got some songs that are always in my rotation.

Electric Relaxation. Classic. That’s all I can say.

The beat to this song goes so hard to me. It’s easily in one of my top 10 songs beat wise.

This song still goes hard to me. Point blank.

Make-A-Movement Music & 80’s Babies



Tonight is the All-Black Party brought to you by Make-A-Move and 80’s Babies at the Funky Buddha Lounge. Well, I shouldn’t have to tell you, hopefully you can read the flyer. What you don’t know is that 80’s Babies throw and promote some of the best parties and club events in the city of Chicago. What else you don’t know is that the Make-A-Movement mixtape goes extra hard. Seriously. Don’t believe me,  here are the links for their first 2 singles off of their mixtape, “Make-A-Movement” Vol. 1.


The first single is “Hey Lil Mama” and the second is “All Black Everything”

Checks these songs out if you know what’s good for you.


As for me, I will be there at Funky Buddha, trying to get fat girls to buy me drinks, dissing black women who act too bougie, and trying to take home the uglist Asian chick in the building. See you there.


Music For Your Life – 1

This song by Lupe Fiasco “I’m Beaming” is off of his upcoming album Lasers. This song is, without a doubt, one of the best he has done that wasn’t on a mixtape. From the piano chords to the bassline to the lyrics, where he proclaims , “And baby girl where does it matter where your purse from/your hair done/your nails did/your ass fat/but you’re dumb”.

Classic song to stay in the rotation for a long long time.