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Kanye West is NOT in the Illuminati…

OMG this is all the proof I need!!!

First off…these ghetto conspiracy theories are fuckin retarded. I went to Kanye West’s video for Power on youtube and damn near all the comments were:

“Kanye’s in the Illuminati!!!1!”

“Fuck the illuminati and the NWO!”

“Look at his chain! It’s Horus! Illuminati!!!1!”

If you co-sign or agree with this ish, you are an idiot. If you were to ask anyone who believe this BS, I bet that they heard it from someone else, or some comment some other dumbass negro said on WSHH or something, and never actually READ or KNOW anything about the Illuminati, which hasn’t existed since 1785.

That’s right, 1785.

“B-B-B-But, I saw that one movie with Tom Hanks where Jesus and Mary were fuckin and had a kid and the Church and the Illuminati were hiding it!”

Yeah, Dan Brown is a FICTION writer. The operative word being fuckin FICTION, as in not fucking real.

“Well, explain the chain. Who pays 300k for a chain and it’s not Illuminati-related. Plus it’s of Horus. HORUS dammit!”

First off: Do you even know who the fuck Horus is? Didn’t think so. It’s the black man they stole the story of Jesus from. Yeah, Jesus isn’t original. At ALL.

Secondly, what you mean to tell me, since a whole bunch of rich white people co-opted parts of ancient African history, its no longer African history?

Maybe Kanye, with his mom being a college professor and all, might have learned Egyptian history. I know, I know, while your mom was at the club shaking her ass and you were trying to see some titties on a scrambled Cinemax channel at 1 am, you didn’t get that opportunity to learn, but his mom gave a shit about his education. Kanye may be an arrogant douche, but dumb is one thing he isn’t.

This however, is hilarious...

“But what about the Freemasons and Bilderberg Group! They are secret organizations!!!”

Okay, first off, you can’t be a secret organization if EVERYONE knows you exist. That makes no fucking sense. Hell, when McDonald’s decides to come out with the McRib is a more guarded secret than the existence of those groups.

Secretly delicious...and out now for a limited time...

“But they have meetings and no one knows what they are talking about!”

Yep, so does every Fortune 500 company in their boardrooms. Does that make them secret organizations too? At least I can fill out an application to the Freemasons and join. I’m NEVER going to be allowed to sit in the boardroom at Viacom headquarters where they decide how to mislead niggas this month.

So yes, black people, white people, fuck it, all people, learn about what you are talking about before you speak on it. You sound stupid as shit. A little bit of logic and a lot of common sense goes a long way.

This is how i close all my arguments...