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Hood Sexism: Really Son?

Last week on Twitter this guy @MoeScoe was showing off this new t-shirt he designed to a lady, @secretaddy. The t-shirt was this:

There are all types of shit wrong with this, which the creator clearly didn’t see. His responses were even more comical Let me just show you some of the responses to the complaints about his shirt:

@secretaddy u are too tight relax damn, its just a metahpor, we dont actually drag girls like that, damn, its not u being dragged. relax

@secretaddy ok u taking this too far, just shut up. damn! have u consider that fact that some pple like to be handled that way??? lol


@secretaddy thus wats wrong with pple these days, just jump into conclusion, u went too far with this shit, disappointed in you.fuck!

You know, once upon a time, I used to wonder what exact women meant by misogyny, but this right here hits me as plain as day. What he failed to realize is that the shirt can be interpreted to advocate rape. Then it has the word “bully” in it. The definition of bully in the Merriam-Websters is:



a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habituallybadgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.

Archaic . a man hired to do violence.
–verb (used with object)

to act the bully toward; intimidate; domineer.
So a “bedroom bully” is someone who intimidates and provokes fear inside the bedroom, and the image is of a man dragging a woman into a bedroom. That looks a lot like rape to me. Plus if that’s the FIRST interpretation that even a small percentage of your market comes away with, you may want to rethink your shirt. Unless of course, you plan on selling to to other ignorant ass niggas who also don’t know any better.
I think what really bothered me was this statement though:

@secretaddy u are too tight relax damn, its just a metahpor, we dont actually drag girls like that, damn, its not u being dragged. relax

He told her not to worry, because it wasn’t her being dragged.

Oh ok.

So women should be cool with other women being dragged into the bedroom and bullied into sex (remember: bullying implies its unwanted, because if its wanted, it ain’t bullying folks) as long as it ain’t them. Let’s take this logic further. You should be okay with gang violence and children getting shot in the street, as long as it ain’t your kids. Be cool with houses being burglarized, as long as it isn’t your house.


Sexism like this has to stop. It’s ignorant, it’s abrasive, and it’s just plain dumb. When 1 in 6 women have been a victim of an attempted or completed rape, this kind of blatant “metaphor” shirt just speaks volumes of how little we take things seriously in the black community. It’s downright deplorable.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Amber Rose Naked? I’ll Pass…

So, all of black Twitter and the rap blog sites are all abuzz about nude pics of Amber Rose hitting the ‘net. Am I gonna post them? Fuck no. This is a family blog dammit, and I will not have any of that shit and that fuckery displayed here. BUT I will link you at the bottom if you are wholly incompetent at using Google. Me personally? I don’t give a damn. I have actual porn. Like, a LOT of it. There are plenty of better looking chicks doing a whole lot more than just standing around with their breasts all out. Plus she isn’t that fine anyways. I’ve seen plenty of eye-candy in these 25 years on Earth, and I have been farther than 10 miles from the neighborhood I have grown up in, so she isn’t that raw.

Plus people, seriously, there’s like a world of real porn out there. Like 1/3rd of the internet is JUST porn.

and you can find it all online.

Amber Rose and her naughty bits

Kanye West is NOT in the Illuminati…

OMG this is all the proof I need!!!

First off…these ghetto conspiracy theories are fuckin retarded. I went to Kanye West’s video for Power on youtube and damn near all the comments were:

“Kanye’s in the Illuminati!!!1!”

“Fuck the illuminati and the NWO!”

“Look at his chain! It’s Horus! Illuminati!!!1!”

If you co-sign or agree with this ish, you are an idiot. If you were to ask anyone who believe this BS, I bet that they heard it from someone else, or some comment some other dumbass negro said on WSHH or something, and never actually READ or KNOW anything about the Illuminati, which hasn’t existed since 1785.

That’s right, 1785.

“B-B-B-But, I saw that one movie with Tom Hanks where Jesus and Mary were fuckin and had a kid and the Church and the Illuminati were hiding it!”

Yeah, Dan Brown is a FICTION writer. The operative word being fuckin FICTION, as in not fucking real.

“Well, explain the chain. Who pays 300k for a chain and it’s not Illuminati-related. Plus it’s of Horus. HORUS dammit!”

First off: Do you even know who the fuck Horus is? Didn’t think so. It’s the black man they stole the story of Jesus from. Yeah, Jesus isn’t original. At ALL.

Secondly, what you mean to tell me, since a whole bunch of rich white people co-opted parts of ancient African history, its no longer African history?

Maybe Kanye, with his mom being a college professor and all, might have learned Egyptian history. I know, I know, while your mom was at the club shaking her ass and you were trying to see some titties on a scrambled Cinemax channel at 1 am, you didn’t get that opportunity to learn, but his mom gave a shit about his education. Kanye may be an arrogant douche, but dumb is one thing he isn’t.

This however, is hilarious...

“But what about the Freemasons and Bilderberg Group! They are secret organizations!!!”

Okay, first off, you can’t be a secret organization if EVERYONE knows you exist. That makes no fucking sense. Hell, when McDonald’s decides to come out with the McRib is a more guarded secret than the existence of those groups.

Secretly delicious...and out now for a limited time...

“But they have meetings and no one knows what they are talking about!”

Yep, so does every Fortune 500 company in their boardrooms. Does that make them secret organizations too? At least I can fill out an application to the Freemasons and join. I’m NEVER going to be allowed to sit in the boardroom at Viacom headquarters where they decide how to mislead niggas this month.

So yes, black people, white people, fuck it, all people, learn about what you are talking about before you speak on it. You sound stupid as shit. A little bit of logic and a lot of common sense goes a long way.

This is how i close all my arguments...