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Make-A-Movement Music & 80’s Babies



Tonight is the All-Black Party brought to you by Make-A-Move and 80’s Babies at the Funky Buddha Lounge. Well, I shouldn’t have to tell you, hopefully you can read the flyer. What you don’t know is that 80’s Babies throw and promote some of the best parties and club events in the city of Chicago. What else you don’t know is that the Make-A-Movement mixtape goes extra hard. Seriously. Don’t believe me, ┬áhere are the links for their first 2 singles off of their mixtape, “Make-A-Movement” Vol. 1.


The first single is “Hey Lil Mama” and the second is “All Black Everything”

Checks these songs out if you know what’s good for you.


As for me, I will be there at Funky Buddha, trying to get fat girls to buy me drinks, dissing black women who act too bougie, and trying to take home the uglist Asian chick in the building. See you there.